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Short Jokes πŸ˜€

Dr Effingpot
Joke of the Week

Here are our favourite short jokes. Updated frequently. If you have a short joke, a joke of the week, a joke of the day or other short clean jokes that will make us laugh then send it in and maybe it will appear here too!


The news that I was colour blind came completely out of the teal! πŸ˜€


My professor accused me of plagiarism.
His words, not mine! πŸ˜€


Although I was born visible, I now identify as invisible. I am trans-parent! My pronouns are who/where! πŸ˜€


I tried to marry my ex-wife. But she figured out I was only after my money! πŸ˜€


We must all do our bit for the planet!
I just unplugged a row of electric cars that nobody was using! πŸ˜€


Just because something is on Facebook, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true … William Shakespeare πŸ˜€


This morning I used Red Bull to make my coffee instead of Water!
After 15 minutes on the motorway I realized I’d left my car at home! πŸ˜€


I know loads of cash machine jokes. I just can’t think of one ATM! πŸ˜€