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Political Quotes

Political Quotes

Some Words of Wisdom from British Politicians of the Conservative Party!

“Suicide is a real threat to health.”
– Virginia Bottomley

“Anyone would think we were living on some island somewhere.”
– George Walden

“It’s not the future I’m talking about, I’m talking about tomorrow.”
– John Gummer

“The trend in the rise in unemployment is downward.”
– Gillian Shepherd

“The more important things, are more important, than the less important things.”
– Stephen Dorrell

“When the IRA plant such bombs, it proves they can scare people, it proves they can kill people, it proves nothing.”
– Peter Bottomley

“We said zero, and I think any statistician will tell you that… zero must mean plus or minus a few.”
– William Waldegrave

“Who Sadam Hussein kills, dies.”
– Jeffrey Archer

“There’s no smoke without mud being flung around.”
– Edwina Currie

“I will never forget the 1981, — or was it 1982? — honours list.”
– Julian Critchley

“All those people who say that there will never be a Single European Currency are trying to forecast history.”
– Kenneth Clark

“The British public sees with blinding clarity.”
– Michael Heseltine

“You know what they say-don’t get mad, get angry.”
– Edwina Currie

“We are not wholly an island, except geographically.”
– John Major

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