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Operating Systems

Operating Systems

What driving to the shops would be like if your car was run by an Operating system.

  • MS-DOS….You get in the car and try to remember which key you need.

  • Windows 3.0…You get in the car and drive to the shops VERY slowly because attached to the rear of the car is a freight train

  • Windows NT…You get in the car and write a letter that says “go to the shops”. You then get out of the car and post the letter to the dashboard.

  • OS/2….After filling the car with 6000 gallons of fuel, you get in and drive to the shops with a motorcycle escort and marching band in procession. Halfway there the car blows up, killing everybody.

  • UNIX…You get in the car and type “grep SHOPS » pg > /dev/hft0”. After reaching speeds of 200 mph en route you arrive at the theatre.

  • OS/400…The car locks you inside and when you arrive at the shops you can watch everybody else go shopping.

  • MVS…You start the car with the starting handle, get in and wait for the man with the red flag to turn up.

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