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Seeding Virals


What are viral ads?

Viral ads and campaigns are those which spread like a virus from person to person.

Unlike a cold, viral campaigns are passed on willingly from friend to friend. And unlike other forms of advertising, good viral campaigns succeed by being funny, cool, outragous or appealling in some other way.

Why Friday Fun for viral seeding?

Here at Friday Fun we create a site like we'd like to use. No annoying pop ups, cookies or obtrusive ads. A simple clean interface, without the clutter that other sites seem to relish. And we only select items we enjoy. If they don't meet our test, they're not here. Our opt-in subscribers and visitors come to find the best, and the best is what we aim to give them.

Just good, honest, no nonsense fun.

Other sites use adult ads and content to drive traffic up into the millions. If you want volumes and untargetted 'mainstream' traffic then you are in the wrong place. If you are after good, decent, quality, wholesome fun, then here we are!

If you'd like to include Friday Fun in your seeding plan, please contact Mike at the email address in the top right hand corner. Full traffic stats will be provided.

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